Now Boarding: HA 53 with Nonstop Service to Kona

Hey IFC! So today I decided to fly from sunny SoCal to the tropical pineapple paradise of Hawaii. I used the Hawaiian 767 and it really is a shame they were retired so soon. I left San Diego Int’l Airport bound for Kona Int’l Airport. So here is the flight info from the Golden State to the Aloha State:

Server: Expert
Airline/Aircraft: Hawaiian B767-300
Flight Time: 5hr 46mn

Hawaiian Flight 53 preparing for an early morning flight to the Big Island

Departing runway 27 into the morning sun

The Basin before turning West towards the Pacific Ocean

The blue waters of the Pacific Ocean

Approaching the Big Island of the Aloha State

The lush green before the black lava rock

Final approach for runway 17

Final for runway 17 at Kona Int’l

Seconds from touching down on the lava rock runway

Parked at the terminal with Mauna Loa in the background

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Thanks for stopping by!


You can’t not rocket climb with that thing

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(Yes you can, it’s just not a good as the 757) 😂
The 767 does have the opposite problem as the 757 though; it barely needs any power to move

You can actually do that when your plane is empty (I was able to get 7000fpm with it)

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I miss Hawaiians 767’s so much. Their A330’s are fine, but the 767’s were far better.

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Oh yes, definitely. And its range is impeccable for its time.

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Great Shots all of them were great!

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Thank you!

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I flew PHNL-KSAN 6 days ago with the 767. Approach was cool because I made my fpl take me over LAX. This was on training cause why not even though I am grade 4.


That’s cool. Yeah it’s interesting flying over LA 😂

I laughed so hard once I landed cause there was a United A350 waiting to take off.

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Oof yeah sounds like TS 😂
Been there done that 😬

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And worst of all. They were flying to LAX.

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I used to do that 😂
Well I mean, everyone did pre-global (but I also did after global 🤦‍♂️)

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Some great scenery and very cool pictures! I already thought this would be something for @NoahM before reading the reply ;) Thanks for sharing!


Yeah lol he always flies to Kona

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