Novice Landing Feedback?


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Wow!! Here’s my feed-back, your angle of attack is not right, your descend rate goes up and down, you are too low on glideslope. So descend on ILS from 3000ft rate of 700-900fpm. If you got your speed and descend rate right use trim to tweek the landing. Nice video👍 sorry if you think my words are bit mumbo-jumbo, you’ll get there, happy landing.


(@benny1263) There are those more qualified than I in residence here so I’ll keep it short. As an old XPlane driver the traniition can be painful. I’ve watched the new kid on IF immediately strap into a fighter or Heavey and go for it. Bad Juju. ThinK of your early goes as transitions. Read the tech manuals (Tutorials in App and on the Forum) then strap on a 172 after watching the in App video Traing Aid. Bounce the 172 till you get the stick & rudder work down pat iin a remote location, KUDD in SoCal is my regular Traing base for light GA’s. (Palm Springs & Jackie Cockren are close by for the big stuff) Move on up the Trash Hauler Train and FAM them before you pick a regular go to horse. Good Luck, fly real & real smart.
Mad Max Sends


@Maxmustang People don’t know, how much they can learn on Cessna. They Don’t realise every pilot started there. What I see full of A380 😀😀😀 anywayz who am I to judge. They just having fun.


@benny1263 I was a beginner not to long ago. Landings were hard for me to do, I still don’t usually get a good landing. Basically, the more you practice, the better you get.


For a newbie that was pretty good!

• HDG must be OFF. A/P should not be used for takeoffs and landings.
• Use the Trim. For the 737 I personally set it at 50%.
• During the approach pitch should be 1°-2°, at the moment of touchdown 3°-4°. You landed with 9°, nearly a tailstrike.


Flying on the gyro is unlike any other steering mechanism out there. It just takes a while to get used to it.
You could start by using the AP as assists, the way it is done in real racing Sims.
Set your VS and practice steering the plane.
Then try setting your heading as you did in the video and practice your descent rate.
Use the auto throttle, so you can focus on getting the feel of the gyro.
After a while, you will get it.
It also helps if you use a table or book on a table to steady your phone or tablet.

As for your approach;
You should be flying fast enough to keep your plane level and no more than a 2° pitch up until you cross the threshold.
When you are about 10-20 feet above the runway flare up to 5-6 degrees and cut throttle to zero.
For the 737-700 at normal weight, your approach speed should be about 144kts, flaps 30, with a landing speed of no less than 134kts.


Flare for the 737s starts at 30 ft, throttles to idle at 10 ft, and max pitch is 4°.


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The green line goes across is the nose angle. 5° 10° 15°


Another fully A/P lander :grin:


@Laurens it’s same photo…😀 If I could do that every single time why bother looking at the screen. I would land while I’m speaking on the phone 😜



That was pretty good!
Its all about the practice as I am sure you are already fimilar with.
If you need help, especially with landing, there are SO many topics on this forum to help you with just about any problem you have. One main thing what may help you, is getting details on Landing Speeds ect for the different Aircraft within IF to get a basic idea, and get to know the planes and how the compare amoungst one another.


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