November 26, 2014. Delta Air Lines (N3764D) Boeing 737-800. DL588 KSEA/SEA - KMSP/MSP

I am deaf.

1 Part. Hi all good everyone, my mom bought me a ticket to ride the plane from Seattle, Washington trip to Nashville, Tennessee via Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Why, I was visiting my mom with my family for Thanksgiving in the state of Alabama in 7 days.

  • I have my old iPads, the camera only and also I was seated on 32F the right window in the plane.

  1. The gate B9, KSEA/SEA. This is my flight DL588 for Delta Air Lines registration (N3764D) is a Boeing 737-800.

2. Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER.

3. Virgin America Airbus A319.

4. Virgin America Airbus A319, Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-900ER, Hainan Airlines Boeing 787-8 leave to go Beijing-Capital, and Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A330-200 late leave to go Kaului, Maui, Hawaii.

5. Two; Omni Air International Boeing 767-300ER only charter military.

6. My flight left 10:21 am for the late delay last 50 minutes was a takeoff from 34C Runway, KSEA/SEA. Mt. Rainier, and anyone Mt. Adams.

7. Over South Dakota. It was the highest altitude 35,000 ft/ 10,668 m.

8. My landing on 35 Runway short airport (8,000 ft/ 2,438 m x 150 ft/ 46 m), KMSP/MSP at 2:54 pm. Cross 12R Runway then on longer the front north 22 runways (11,006 ft/ 3,355 m x 150 ft/ 46 m) ← closed it was not use available longer runway anymore. My flight took 2h 33m for 1,396 miles/ 1,213 nm/ and 2,247 km. Behind back Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-88.

9. My flight arrives at the gate C1, KMSP/MSP. Anyone Delta MD-88.

10. US Airways Airbus A319.

Any questions?

Thank you for watching!


US Airways and Virgin Atlantic! Wow how time flies.

Great photos!

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Yes, they are. It misses the airlines both US Airways and Virgin America instead of Atlantic 😉.

Thank you!

wow so cool seeing photos from 8 years ago! Good o’l Virgin America!

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Yes, they are. Thank you!

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Why is this in there?

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Yes, I remember when Virgin America was merged with Alaska Airlines change the color fleet the first Airbus A319 and A320 transferred to Alaska Airlines that’s sad. I have never been to ride a plane for Virgin America for a very long time late.

Hey, yes only I am deaf and can’t hear also it has made nothing new here at IFC.

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Oh sorry about that

Sorry, for what?

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