November 2015 first update announcement

It costs 5,48 euros

As of now IF is 3 slots ahead of them😄

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Anyone know how big the update is?

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What means this?

I have no clue lol

Why can’t infinite flight give apple, and android users the same features?? I was so exited for the in-game screen recorder, because i’ve been looking for a 3rd party one for a while, and can’t find one! Then i thought i was going to FINALY be able to record infinite flight on my ipad, but NOPE! Why?

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Probably because Apple doesn’t support those features yet sadly.

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Next iOS version hopefully

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Finally! Thanks to all who worked on the update! Appreciate the hard work

Controls are a bit heavier in the real thing.

Did you get the update on IOS? I have been checking the app store every time I’m outside an app.

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not out for iOS yet

I don’t even know why I bother asking anymore. Curse you apple!


New update released for Amazon!!! I have a kindle. I will upload pics in a few @The_simulation_nerd


I can’t wait for Apple to approve this update


They have bases at DTW and FLL with many other focus cities.

I get that. Actually manoeuvring something.

No, only the new KLM. All 772 liveries have been reworked.

Why don’t you get more Apple users and send emails to Apple Inc.demanding a speedup on the authorization???