November 2015 first update announcement

Fellow pilots and controllers, we are about to push a new update with many new features and content.
Notably, this update brings a new highly detailed Airbus A320 with a whopping 22 liveries from all over the world (see below for a complete list). Along with many other new features, we also improved the aircraft rendering (especially for high end devices) for an even more realistic look.

This update should appear for Android users today while it is sent to Apple for approval. We have no control over the approval process so we won’t know when it will be available. The reason for this is that it allow us to catch any issue we might have missed during our testing process and fix it quickly instead of delaying the release for everyone waiting for Apple’s approval.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Added the Airbus A320 with lighted virtual cockpit, window lights and 22 liveries:
    • Aeroflot
    • Air Asia
    • Air France
    • Air New Zealand
    • American Airlines
    • Batik Air
    • DutchBird
    • EasyJet
    • Generic
    • IndiGo
    • JetBlue
    • JetStar
    • Libyan Airlines
    • Lufthansa
    • SAS
    • Spirit
    • TAP
    • United
    • US Airways
    • Virgin America
    • Vueling
    • WizzAir
  • New KLM Livery for the 747-400
  • New Infinite Flight Livery for the 747-8i
  • Improved airplane rendering
  • Added built-in video & time lapse recording (Android)
  • Added Joystick/Gamepad/Keyboard/Mouse Support (Android)
  • Updated all regions with more airport details
  • Added Infinite Flight Connect API
  • Fixed terrain rendering issues
  • Added GPS Approach ATC Request for Live
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements

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Happy landings!


So excited can’t wait thanks guys

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Where is the Millenium Falcon?! Appreciate the update, thanks for all your hard work guys :)


Really nice!

I wish I had android lol


Got the iPhone 6. This wait is gonna be brutal. Why does Apple do this :(


Awsome. Good job guys, look forward to Apple’s release.

Bravo. Bravo indeed.


Hats off to all the IF development team! Your level of profesionalism and commitment is truly outstanding. Blue skies ahead to all


NO WAY, have you sent the update out already ?


Do you mean tommorow or over a week?

I do have to say a BIG BIG thank you to the devs, thank you all as well :) 😱😃😃

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Great to see this, can’t wait :)

(hope there will be a swiss livery in a future update…)


It usually takes ~1 week for the approval. There is nothing we can do about this.


Will the 320 have auto land??

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I’m looking forward to it! Great work guys:)

Isn’t the a318 added this update?

Nice job FDS Team! Looking forward to this!

One question though, will the A318/19/21 versions be included or released in a later update?


Awesomeness 😎

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I’m really dissappoibted that there is no swiss livery. Like totally :(