Nov/Dec Favorites Collection

Hello Fellow IF Community aviators,

I don’t post often but one thing I do enjoy is capturing snaps from around the virtual world, below is a selection of probably 10 of more favorable from the last 2.5months of logged flights.
Since the addition of the A350 admittedly there is some spam 350 pictures so i hope you don’t mind.

  1. 1 in 1 out EK777/380 (Expert Server / 13-11-19 / San Francisco International Airport)

  2. Foggy Arrival Fiji 737-700, From Air New Zealand A320 Holding short (Expert Server / 6-12-19 / Auckland Airport)

  3. SQ A359 Acceptance Flight in company (Expert Server / 10-12-19 / Departing Singapore International for Perth SQ224 )

  4. MH FNF Event “Go Around” Busy arrivals & Departures A359 (Expert Server / 20-12-19 / Kuala Lumpar

  5. Qatari 777-300 One World Livery Moon Shot (Expert Server / 8-12-19 / Picture taken en route Jakarta Region)

  6. A359 Sunset Arrivals, Servers full of Airbus A350-900 since release to the IF Community (Expert Server / 13-12-19 / EGLL Heathrow International Airport

  7. Couple of IF original favorites 777 & A330, PIA 777 departing for Saudi Arabia (Expert Server / 26-11-19 / Pakistan Region)

  8. Holding Short! Cockpit view Cathay Pacific A359 CX171 / CX131 Arriving A330 VHHH (Expert Server / 23-12-19 / Hong Kong)

  9. “A350 is Such a photogenic aircraft to capture” EK A359 Arriving into Zurich International from Dubai / Qatari Foreground (Expert Server / 28-12-19 / LSZH

  10. JQ988 Climbing out of YSSY heading for YPPH “Domestic Australian Route” (Expert Server / 12-11-19 / Sydney Australia)

Favorite Capture?

Thanks for viewing.


Absolutely stunning, all of them. The Oneworld moonshot is outstanding though 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Man these are some beautiful pictures! The picture with both Singapore airline planes was my favorite. But these are some very nice pictures!

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