Nouvelair Tunisie Airbus A320-214 (new thread)

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Since I found that my old request was quite dirty and never exceeded two votes, I decided to make a better one.

What the hell is Nouvelair Tunisie?

It is a Tunisian airline that was found in 1989 by Aziz Miled, as Air Liberté Tunisie. The airline is registered office at Tunis while its head office in the Dhkila Tourist Zone in Monastir.
This airline operates tourist charters from European cities to Tunisian holiday resorts. Its main bases are Monastir Habib Bourguiba, Tunis Carthage and Djerba…
In June of 2019, Nouvelair have a fleet of eleven Airbus A320s.

The aircraft

It is a 12 years and 10 mouths Airbus A320-214 which is operated by Tunisair since April 29th, 2008. The registration of this A320 is TS-INO, his Serial Number is 3,480.
This A320 is equipped of the CFM56-5B4/P’s engines.


Diversity, Nouvelair have so many routes from Tunisia that we can do in IF (Monastir to Moscow Vnukovo, Tunis to Nice…) instead of the Generic one.
Nouvelair is a pretty nice livery and It would be great to have an another Tunisian livery.

I actually like this livery, its very nice!


Thank you!
I agreed with you, Nouvelair have a nice livery!

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I wish the paint covered the whole tail instead of leaving the end white

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They covered the tail in 2012 → 2014 (on TS-INC), but after, they leaving the end white.



I kinda like the tail colors !

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Thank you very much @anon36354988!

What do you think about this livery?
  • It’s a nice one!
  • It’s average.
  • I don’t like it.

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Looking good !

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@Igor_M, do you approve this one? 🤔

Hope this will come with the Tunisair A320 and the JetBlue N794JB!

Bump this feature to link Tunisia and Europe!

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Nouvelair Airbus A320-200 was landing at Dusseldorf Airport, Germany. July 2013. Posted on Twitter.



I saw Nouvelair today in LFSB Basel. In Frankfurt i saw this airline too and i think they fly to many big airports in europe. I hope we can push the votes up to 80! 😁

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I think it deserves a bump since Nouvelair has got 2 new A320s (TS-ING and -INF) on April and May of this year. They are also equipped with the Sharklets