Is there any type of way I can set notifications for the announcements? I know this is on safari for my phone but is there a way I can do it or some sort of app?

You may set the category to ‘watching’.


Ok will it notify me if I’m out of the app or no

I don’t believe Discourse can send notifications directly to your device.


Oh ok thx.

It emails you.


Thank you all

It will notify you in app. If you want to receive a notification for a new topic only, you may set the category to ‘watching first post’

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Yes, I know that. The OP is talking about notifications that pop up on your screen like the image below.

Funny how things happen sometimes, huh?

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The #announcements category is set up with an automatic notification. When a new topic is created in #announcements it should send it to your email and show as a notification in the community. If you have the IFC app (and not just a browser) it may send a push notification to your device.

You need to make sure you have a valid email address set in your profile obviously.


That’s not correct. I get notifications directly from discourse.

If you use a browser, you should be able to activate the notifications of your browser in your settings. Now you just need to enable notifications in your IFC settings

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You could download the discourse app, it notifies me for pinned topics and replies, its very adjustable aswell.

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