Hey Community!! I was just wondering if there is a way to turn on notifications for the community that pop up on your phone as a banner? If someone could tell me if there is and direct me how to that would be great. Thank you.


Yes, there is. Download Discourse from the store and put the link of the IFC.

That’s your app


Thank you! I’ll attempt to turn them on and if I can’t ill try to PM you.

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Thank you… I just downloaded it now I’ll see if it pops up when someone messages me

Open it and add the link first. Login as well.

Make sure to input the community link

I think I already did and it popped up on the site and made me log in… Is it going to make me login every time or no?

No, you need to log in once only.

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It’s done it successfully, you should receive notifications now. Though if I’m correct its only notifications for replys, not likes

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Oh thank god. They’re popping up on my phone now. Thank you guys! This has been bothering me for a little bit 😂👍🏼

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is there a discourse app for phone?

Yes there is one. I just got it…

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