I have my settings at (see the pic) but it still don’t notify me when there’s an activity here. While I understand we are all still getting new to this, it would be nice if it would do just like what FB is doing. ** samsung galaxy s4

Well this is not facebook… notifications are not yet working on mobile but it is only a matter of time.

We want to enable good content and information instead of single sentence conversations that adds a lot of noise to the community.

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Someone replied to one of my posts, so the website requested to push notifications to my Mac via Safari and it works fine. Not sure about mobile devices yet…

I’m trying to get all those emails I get turned off. I used to get about 100 emails per day. I managed to reduce them to about 10, but that’s still way too much (since they all arrive once per week at the same time)

You won’t be receiving a lot of emails from here anymore :) In your profile setting I just switched off the remaining items that trigger emails

wait you can change the settings for my profile? scary but thanks ;)

That is scary, personally I don’t care for that at all.