Notifications when Approach or Center goes offline

Hello guys,

When you are in a app/dep/ctr frequency and the controller goes offline, you still in the frequency and people continues to sending messages.

It would good if you add “Approach is now offline” etc… and automatically redirected to ATC list.

This is necessary because sometimes peoples try to ask for something (descent… change frequency etc…) but nobody can clear him.

Sorry if duplicate


I’m sure I’ve seen something like this before but I can’t find it. Must’ve been closed or not a request. This is essential for ATC.


Sometimes people take this opportunity to spam the frequency… The devs please here this out

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Well there is a Message banner, but if your requesting an actual audible Broadcast, I agree, and things it’s a good idea.

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I think there should be a automated message for all frequencies when it goes offline saying It is now closed the same one that can be used by ATC but it should be done automatically as it is not always done by ATC on the playground server, I might create a topic on it

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Or maybe it should boot you out of the frequency if they go offline.


Yeap, phrased in another way ;)

I believe this still hasn’t been resolved? A simple banner at the top (the same as the ‘tower is now offline - switching to Unicom’) would suffice.

Otherwise you literally have to keep opening up the ATC menu every minute or so to check approach is still online and hasn’t logged off while you are waiting for your vectors.

I talk about this banner.
She is existing for ground tower but not for center departure approach