Notifications on Closed Topics


I get Notifications about and sometime when I click on them they say this

Why does this happen?


Hello! It means that the topic you’ve got a notification to isn’t accessible on your Trust Level.
Which category was it?


It’s mostly support.


Yeah… Strange.


And you’re on the same TL than me so idk


Could you link me the topic?


A possible reason is a mod may have turned the thread into a PM or private thread as it may not be appropriate or should he handled in a PM.




Oh really?


Yes. It does not relate to Trust Level when trying to view topics. Other than The lounge for regulars but other than that is most of the time because the thread was turned into a PM after the thread was posted.



Thanks for the help!


This can be closed :)

closed #14

This can happen for a number of reasons. Deleted topic, topic made a PM, etc. The notification was already sent before action was taken and now the link is no longer valid.