Notifications Not Refreshing

Hi all,

Recently, my notifications have not been refreshing. They have been the same thing for 3-4 hours now. I have realized this now because I have been getting new PM Messages and not getting notifs aka the green 1 symbols and such

I have just completely powered down and powered back on and it has not fixed.

I use a IPhone 10 XR iOS 14.4 or whatever the most recent software is.

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you’re receiving multiple messages from the same PM, the number (green symbol) won’t increase.

Or have I misunderstood the issue?

Yes I realize but that green thing isn’t showing up at all regardless

Even though I am getting Pm messages

I see. I’ll send you a PM now. Let me know if you get a notification from it. 😃

Edit: Sent!

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No I don’t think so

Just my phone and maybe my computer but that is off and isn’t connected to WiFi

Check your PM notification settings. Maybe you set it to muted or normal?


Oh my that was it.

Thanks for the help

Don’t know how it got switched

You bet! Happens to all of us sometimes. :)

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You’re smart for a toaster oven. 👏

For legal purposes, this is a joke.


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