Notifications Galore

Hey all,

It is probably really obvious the solution but I am just wondering how to change my notification settings! I have got hundreds of emails in the last few weeks and I want to tune it down! I have searched my preferences settings but may of just missed it!


Go to your Preference Settings, then go to the Email tab. There you can change the amount of emails you get.


Thanks I will see if it has worked and let you know soon!


I might know but what are these notifications about?

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Every time someone replies to a post you made, tags you, quotes you, etc, you get an email notification

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What do you think? It gets really annoying!

EDIT: I misread, they are about all stuff but mostly events!

Just download a cleaner. It should be set to delete junk emails etc.

Sorry slightly off topic but anybody know why there is a message icon next to that person?

And a junk clearer will not work as this is not junk sorry!

Do what jakevaz said.
That shows that the reply is replying to a post. If you click on it, it’ll show what post it is replying to.

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Perhaps just remove your email notifications all together


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That means that the user replied via e-mail.

And the rest have been properly answered. It’s all handled in Preferences.