Notifications disrupting flight

Good morning.

Last night, I started a flight from OMDB-KSEA for my event. Once I was cruising, I left my iPad and went to bed. At 3am I woke up and decided to check my progress. I was very displeased to find that a notification had been stuck on my screen and from where I was in my flight, it looked like it popped up not 10 minuets after I left. As a result, my flight was paused and I ended it because there really wasn’t a point in continuing. This is the 4th time this has happened to me. I was wondering if there was a way to disable these notifications on IOS. Thanks in advance!
(An example of the notification type)

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Go into your phone’s settings and disable push notifications.

Take it a step further and put on airplane mode to avoid call/text notifications.

This was a notification from the system telling me that my Apple Pencil was low on battery. I’m not sure I can disable those 🤔


As far as I know, you can only disable them by jailbreaking your device, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it. Other problems might occur if you jailbreak it.

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Okay. Thanks anyway. A mod can close this.

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