Notifications bug

maybe @discourse or another person

Since yesterday i see notifications for a messages what i already seen. (as a new notification with the number in blue circle or a alert in my desktop…
Can someone can help me?

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From personal experience, this happens to me sometimes when my network connection isn’t stable, or if I’m switching between wifi & cellular.

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I’ve been seeing repeated messages for well over a month.
Though it only applies on mobile devices.

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Maybe post this in Discourse Meta instead? The founders of Discourse could probably help you there. ;)

Yes, please post issues like these on our Meta forum :) We try to keep up with reports elsewhere, like this one, but it’s a lot easier for us to follow up on an issue on our own forum. If you can figure out the reproduction steps for this glitch that would be very helpful. It’s gonna be tough to do anything about this otherwise.




Thank you i have posted a new topic on your forum 1h ago :)

Same exact thing happens to me when I do :)

You must enable the cookies.

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