Notification when you misallign with your assigned runway

Recently I was finishing a flight from dublin and started a descent into toronto, I first tuned into YYZ’s ATIS channel and heard 24R was in use and available, I figured that was the runway I already had filed and went ahead and continued, I was also extremely tired and please note I had no ill intent doing this neither am I a troll/thorn in ATC’s thigh. I misheard what the controller was saying when they said 23, I continued as if I was cleared for 24R and ended up with a violation (L3) that was ultimately my fault, but I still think there should be something that keeps players informed on what runway they need to be alligned with, the notification should be in the form of that like the overspeed notification, and also warns you could be issued a violation, it would be helpful and merely the same exact thing as overspeed notifications.

All airports on the Expert Server with an active ATIS frequency also have a D-ATIS. This can be found in the airport menu by tapping the airport icon on the map followed by the airport info strip and then “WX” at the bottom of the screen. The D-ATIS is always kept current with the broadcasted ATIS and will thus include active departure and arrival runways.

That being said, you have a few ways to know which runways are being used: the ATIS, the D-ATIS, and your controller’s specific instructions directing you to a certain runway. I’m not quite sure how much clearer it could get than it already is. If pilots are not able to follow the updated ATIS and ATC instructions, then it’s possible they do not belong on the Expert Server at that point in time, even if that’s due to fatigue. Additionally, simply because a runway is in use and a pilot has filed their approach for that runway does not necessarily mean that is the runway they will be assigned. Vigilance and alertness are key skills in any pilot’s repertoire; in my mind, removing the need for those skills by holding the pilot’s hand will only hurt them in the long run.


You are absolutely right but what i’m implying is to have a notification pop up whenever you misallign with your assigned runway and also be notified you’re on track to get a level 3 violation, it would have helped me greatly. Is it that much different than the speed warnings?

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Always check the ATIS for both airports when you depart, and always check again before you start your descent into the airport. That will tell you exactly what runways are in use so that you can plan accordingly.

The ATIS should only be assisting you with planning; runway assignments are completely up to the controller and can even exceed the bounds of the ATIS. You can hear 24R on the ATIS frequency, but that doesn’t mean you are cleared for an approach for 24R.


I know I know, the situation was my fault but I still think this would be a good idea to have players know that they’re stepping out of ATC’s instuctional boundries and they need to do something about it quickly, this is a mobile flight simulator after all, it isn’t a terrible idea as its very accessable to “normal” people who aren’t too sharp on simming.

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It is viewable at all times, using the method @lucaviness described:


I understand you don’t always have the time to access it through the map, but I really can’t think of any situation in which you should be in a rush to access it. Check when you’re planning your flight and then again before descending. It’s totally okay if you request the wrong runway or your flight plan is off. The only thing requiring immediate attention is ATC instructions.


I’m reflecting on what exactly I needed and it would have been helpful if I got a warning similar to one of the warnings you get when you’re speeding, but this time have it warn you to allign with your runway ATC has issued you to use… Wouldn’t that be a great idea

I’m sorry but you can see ATIS info whenever you aren’t looking at the map? like you can have it on your status bar at the bottom of the screen?

That is entering the realm of a conversation better fit for you and your controller. I’d suggest reaching out to them if you’d like to talk through the violation you received. Controllers do have that exact warning (manually issued, not automatic like the speed warning) and are encouraged to use it, as well as all other warnings, if the situation permits. However, no one can explain that situation except for you and your controller.


No, it is not possible to have D-ATIS in the status bar

I did talk to the controller and we smoothed things over and agreed I needed to pay attention more and they needed to give me a warning before they allowed me to enter the localizer, because I did and of course that shouldn’t have ever happened if a auto-report was mandated (which it was he told me), I tried appealing it but appeals declined a request for a curteousy removal… Which I understood to an extent considering the controller and I were on good terms and a warning should have been issued right away.

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I personally would not want this - along with the load of other feature requests that ask for notifications or warnings for things that it is up to the pilot to make sure they have done right, this included.

It is up to the pilot to make sure that they have programmed in the right runway, something that should be checked several times to make sure. This feature would effectively take that responsibility away.

IRL pilots don’t get a pop-up warning do they….


…and that’s the best thing ever to come out of your experience.

Happened to me once, a different issue but same cause: needed to pay attention more. Got away with a wrist slap settlement.

Trust me, without the unrealistic handicaps (i.e. a text popping up mid air that are otherwise not present IRL) I’ve gained a new skill: to look left and right (or check for short finals) before entering an active runway. No pop-ups could spoon-fed me to become the master of look left n righter that I am today 😁


IF-A has a cockpit RAAS system that tells your approach runway. So any discrepancies would’ve been repeated for the pilot to notice. Happened to me once, too, at low visibility. What ATC said, what I said, what RAAS said, helped a lot in avoiding a disaster.

Realism perspective. ATC will inform you if your aligned with the wrong runway if in the event you as the pilot didn’t catch the error.

Checking the localizer frequency and identifier will also help ensure you’re aligned with the correct runway as well. 🙂