Notification: When Entering Airspace

Would be great to be notified when you enter an airspace. This could potentially reduce the amount of people needing to be messaged saying “Please join my frequency”

There could also be a button saying “join” so you could join the frequency.


I like this idea. There could even be a message when nearing an airspace that says, for example, “Class B Airspace ahead 9nm” just like some planes in real life are equipmented with.


Along with the message, having the airspaces’ ceiling.


I like where your head is at Thomas, you the man!


Great idea! :)


Thanks Alan

Thanks Nathan[quote=“Tecnam2TA, post:2, topic:45868”]
I like this idea.
Thanks :p

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good idea but if you change airspace i guess it would be redundant because it would inform you of when you are changing into different airspace

I prefer realism; it really isn’t hard to know when you need to contact ATC.

Realism would mean people not saying “join my frequency” less of that more realism.

I honestly love this idea❤❤❤

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Thank you :P

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If this idea will include mustaches I’m all in. This idea is very good for people (me) that goes into an airspace and don’t contact unicom/ATC. I need this. Also will this have mustaches.

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Every good feature has a moustache

This would be cool! By default this would be on, but there should be an option to turn these notifications off for those who prefer realism.

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Glad I have your royal seal of approval ;p