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Hello, I’m a server manager, for the French-speaking community of Infinite Flight, I’m in charge of reproducing FNF and ATC-Shedule in French language.

I have a problem, it’s that I would like to receive by email, or a notification on the “Discoursehub” application, the problem is that I have activated this for the tags "atc-schedule" ; "official-event" ; "flash-flight" and fnf
and I put it on “Monitor new topics” as below :

The problem is that I receive NO notifications about “atc-schedule” “official-event” “flash-flight” “fnf”. If a moderator or someone in the forum has an idea to help me, I would like to receive my notifications to do my embeds on Discord as below:

I’ve had this problem for a long time and I’ve always told myself to make a topic about it.

All answers are accepted, thank you for your help.

Thank you, good day!


I am facing the same problem. I am not getting any notification of atc-schedule, fnf etc. The only notification I am getting is about any announcement. I have activated them for the tags, but still not getting them.

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Yes just Blog, and Annoucements
this :

This is “Category” so fnf and other is “Etiquette”, but i don’t want “ATC” on my notifications.

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I encountered a similar question recently, and I recommended the following. This should work for #officialevent, #fnf and #flash-flight!


That’s what I said, I’ve already activated it but I don’t receive anything.

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Ah, okay, understood. Sadly that’s the only way I am aware of, but I am sure someone else will be able to help, good luck!

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It would be nice if the mods respond to us…

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