Noticed a few issues.

I understand this is a widespread problem, but how does TS1 have 72% load but no one can play it? Also my loading screen overlaps the gate and server text on the left side of my screen. I run IF on my iPhone SE.

It’s reported several times before, and the developers are probably aware of this. It is advisable to search before posting. Thanks :)

The server that supports this is likely down. I will alert the developers. Thank you!

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This is like the 4th or 5th feed for this today’s. Please read the other feeds before posting please.

Incorrect. He has more than one problem. One that doesn’t include the server issue please read :)

Well as for the second issue, I think it is a conpromise for playing on the iPhone SE. I have one as well, but don’t use it for IF because it is literally the smallest device IF runs on. You have to fit all the info on the screen, so it overlaps a little bit. Not the only app that does that.

I use an iPad instead to play

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