Notice to those Hurricane Dorian hunters on the Expert Server

Just a friendly reminder that even though there are winds which we aren’t typically use to at certain airports does not give folks a pass to depart from:

  • Grass
  • Taxiways
  • Aprons/Ramps
  • Water

Additionally there has been concerns that folks are landing head on or landing on the same runway while an aircraft is occupying that runway. Again, the rules have not changed simply because there are hurricane winds on the server. We kindly ask that these sort of shenanigans be taken to the Casual Server as soon as possible. This also include the proper choice of aircraft. A XCub in 80kts upon spawning will result in a loss of control. This does not fall in line with the Expert Server “realistic rules and procedures”. If you decide to spawn on the Expert Server in this region, please select an aircraft that would not flip over. 🙂 Ghosting is currently being enforced to ensure that the quality of the Expert Server continues to remain a place where realistic rules and procedures can be applied.

Remember, the Expert Server is a privilege… not a right. Don’t ruin your experience by doing something that could’ve been done on the Casual Server. Thanks for the help and understanding! Happy Hurricane Hunting!


I must say this is great fun! One hell of a challenge trying to get a bird on the ground and I’m really enjoying it! Arm aches a lot from all the adjustments needed on final, though😂


I landed the Dash-8 in the hurricane, on grass not the runway but at an airport nonetheless

I spawned in and well i immediately got the screen saying i crashed😭😂 Thankfully i did it on casual because well that wasn’t fun😂👍


Thanks for the post!

I attempted to spawn in a Cub on CS and needless to say I was immediately tossed about 300 feet and landed upside down. Don’t do it. Even the C130 was getting pushed around.

Edit: if you can somehow manage to harness the winds and maintain control this could be an opportunity for a STOL competition record. 😛

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You could probably land moving backwards 😂


@DeerCrusher thanks for you great post.


So on CS I did an irl flight an evacuation flight. It was a CRJ7 the aircraft they use on that flight. So I slid off the runway some and rotated, then turned AP on. The turbulence was CRAZY. Then started my descent into Miami. Then buttered the landing one of my best recently on runway 27. I’m surprised I didn’t crash 😂.

Unless you want to be ghosted… 🙃

Not strictly hurricane Dorian only, but can you get ghosted if you drift away from the runway in the last few seconds, initiate a go around, but still contact the grass during the go around? (I’ve came close before, went around at 80AGL)

I wasn’t even going fast (more even 10 knots) and not in the hurricane and managed to crash whilst taxiing lol.


You should go-around well before you’re getting this close to grass/taxiways (especially taxiways).


Windshear (and I guess losing balance IRL)
This kind of thing has happened IRL which is why I even ask. And no, I’m not talking about Air Canada

Yeah…, but only extremely rarely and mostly threatened as incidents (for a good reason) Pretty sure it will not lead to a ghost if it’s above the runway edge in very extreme conditions, but still that shouldn’t happen and a go around is mandatory (IRL) with wind shear as far as I am aware.

Yeah a plane is not allowed to land through windshear. The only time that would happen is if the windshear occured during flare or something like that.

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By losing balance I meant literally accidentally tilting my device lol

Didn’t get this, thanks for clarifying. I still believe that there is true:

Alright I am trying to land in the Bahamas, 6 go around and Diverting to KMIA

Not typically no.