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Hellow fellow pilots! This message is in regard to ATC testing. In a quick summary this is how it works for anyone who doesn’t know.

We are not administering the theory portion of the test at the moment. Once we resume the theory portion of the test, one of the ATC Recruitment Team members will get in contact with you. We will make an official announcement like this one and pin it to the top of the homepage for a few days.

After you have passed your theory test, WE (as in the recruitment members) will then notify all of our Advanced Controller 1’s who are able to test you on your practical.

Practical test will consist of taking tower and ground at one of our designated testing airports where we will see how you do with sequencing traffic, using the right commands as needed.

Once the practical part is done, your tester should give you positive feedback on your session and they will make a group decison between the other controllers who helped test you and, based on how your session, was will notify one of us of how you did.

Please note the only members who you should be contacting for theory testing(once we resume it) is as follows:









So this is how it will go:

  1. Announcement: Theory portion of the test is now being administered

  2. Take the theory portion of the test (administered only by the people whose names are listed above)

  3. After passing the theory, you will be scheduled to take the practical test.

  4. After the practical test, your tester(s) will give you feedback.

  5. All of the testers involved will make a group decision about your controlling.

  6. A final report will be submitted to one of the guys listed above.

Please note that anyone else that is not listed above is not offical and will not count! Please spread the word around as much as possible please and keep practicing and remeber we only want SERIOUS INQUIRIES! Any questions are welcomed!

Happy flying!

ATC Recruitment Team




how can i apply for an ATC test ?

You’d know if you carefully read the first post ;)

No testing at the moment. Practice on the playground server for now. An official announcement will be made when new testing resumes.


Also something to add real quick. @Mark_Denton is an official Point of Contact for ATC testing as well ONCE WE RESUME TESTING. Please do not spam us with messages asking to be ATC.

// ATC Recruitment Team

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When and how will the notice be sent out. Also, will there be a more organized way of applying and testing other than commenting on the forum?

This is what we are trying to figure out. The announcement will be a pinned topic like this one. It will be at the top of the homepage for a few days.

How do I apply for atc controller plz help I want to try out

Right now, testing is inactive. The IF ATC team will let us know when it is fully operational in this post.

@ericfedde we will post on the forum and on all the Infinite Flight groups on Facebook when our new test out. To answer your question yes. Our new design is much more organized and there will be little chance that someone will be able to share the test. It will be handled and moderated by the ATC Recruitment Team.

Thank you for your reply.

Please read the previous posts. Someone may have asked this question (everyone has the same question anyway).

can you also add @jordan_silver to the list i have lots of experience with this stuff and i have a pilots license so i have real world experience as well

Jordan, Misha is being added as a recruiter. If you would like information on becoming ATC on the adv server, please pm one of the guys listed above, or myself, and I will pass your information along and have one of them contact you. Thanks!

Hi I would like to be ATC on advanced server cause when I control on the playground server there are always people that don’t listen to instructions which is really annoying. But I feel I’m ready to do advanced atc now and it would be great if I could get a test. The time zone I’m in is BST.