Notice to all new users

First of all, welcome to the forum! Now I’ll list some things almost everyone makes when they are new to the forum. I know one of the reasons new users come to this site is to make requests. You are only allowed to make these on the #features section. To get access to this section you need TL2. You just need to read, like and comment on topics and other comments. For more, read this ( ) This community is very friendly and fun if you treat everyone the same way. If you ever have a problem, contact the moderators like Carson or Misha. Thanks for your time! (Regulars, you can add more if you want)


It’s not a wiki.

Also, are you trying to make a hyperlink?


New users probably arent going to read this.


It’s not bad to say that it’s important to search a topic before doing a duplicate.

Ex.: you want to post about a problem like planes shaking during flight in #support, before doing that, click in the 🔍 button and type key words like “shaking plane” or something that matches the name of the topic. If you don’t find that topic, you can post about that issue, if you founded that topic, feel free to share your problems, always maintaining a good and moderated vocabulary.


I see members doing
strong text

    • List item
      All the time, you need to delete the text that’s already there!


I have seen a couple of you doing that, once again please delete the text and put your message!

And to quote reply instead of using “blank” instead! To do so, click reply!
Go over the message, click 💬

Unless if you pin this topic


It’s a wiki now!

It’s still worth a try.

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He won’t just because you said that.

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Notice how Cameron wasn’t mentioned


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