Notice on Speculation

Now on the IFC I’ve noticed that many like to speculate. This isn’t a problem, but however many do not know the difference between speculation and/or confirmation.

I see many posts flagged because they were speculating, which is partially deserved, because while they decide to share their thoughts, (which is always ok), what they fail to do is that mention this is speculation.

This causes extreme miscommunication, because YouTubers take these information and don’t say it is speculation, causing the younger/gullible audience to believe this, which can cause more miscommunication should this become widespread.


The worse part, however, is that when they don’t get their way/ or when the update doesn’t roll out on X day, the developer team gets hate because “Oh X YouTuber told me it was going to come on this day”, and the person doesn’t take accountability and then decides to say it’s speculation.

So the main point is that people should say explicitly that it is speculation, or else an anger-filled mess will ensue.

Sorry if I sounded a little bit… idk, I’m slightly tired


This has been an ongoing issue for a while now, and it needs to stop. Speculation is not helping anybody nor will it make new things come faster.

The only thing you should believe is what comes from the developers. Period. Not YouTubers, not anyone on Instagram, not any random member on the community.


I wouldn’t listen to the YouTuber’s (kind of ironic saying that as an YouTuber myself). Just because Infinite flight posted a WIP photo on twitter doesn’t mean the update is coming tomorrow. I would just listen to the devs.


Speculation is going to happen. I think people should be able to predict on when update will come out, but it shouldn’t get there’s, or anyone else’s hopes up, as they do not know. There will be no real way to stop speculation and if you can choose if you want to see the speculation or not.

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The problem with speculation is that people pay attention to it whether they believe it or not. It gives the person the attention they were looking for and it motivates them to continue making it. Part of stopping this is if we stop entertaining the people who post it. Eventually, they’ll get tired of people not interacting with their topics or videos and stop doing it



I’ll give you some speculation to chew on!


how real, sir

On a scale of 0-1, its a 1. Very real


extremely real

Finally! A Concord WIP


I gotchu broski


Awesome stuff. Looking forward to this coming in v32.8!


You can’t keep doing this. We brought up your behavior at the last staff meeting specifically because you’re prone to leaks. Please, Matt. We don’t want to have to do this, but we’ll let you go if this continues.


OmG BoOiNg A340 rEwOrK cOnFiRmEd! (screams)

Seriously though @FlyIf_0011IFPA, I find it like fair, but, I don’t really feel like we should say always “this is an opinion” or “just speculation” always. I think everyone deserves the right of giving an opinion without at the risk of a flag…

Good point there though!

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Hey those are my leaks!


I so badly want to tell myself these aren’t real but the detail in the gear is just too good.

I don’t remember you ever being promoted to staff…

Proceeds to run far, far away before Josh makes me disappear

Well said. I completely agree. The line on speculation and fact has been blurred. I’ve seen it in documentaries, videos on you tube and even news. Accountability for one’s words is getting less and less a moral responsibility on an individual. If the masses state one thing others just jump on and some don’t even know the true reason or cause and they don’t care to know. The only thing they are interested in is following what others are. It’s sad very sad. Everything you’ve said is completely true. I’ve seen it since 2016 US Elections….prime example.

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This is a fact. 💯 percent true. And that in itself is very difficult to do.

Are you giving out misinformation in a topic about speculations? Not nice…