Notice: Check Help Pages

Trio, great formatting, I love how you edited some screenshots to show how it may look, and I might say that it makes me want it so much more.


Definitely receiving a vote from me! Great work, @Trio. :)

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Maybe we could simply add more commands to address the instances in which the “check tutorials” command is given. For example I often see people request taxi prior to requesting pushback even when flying aircraft that have a pushback feature. A simple “please request pushback prior to taxi” command would eliminate the need to search through a tutorial.

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To add to this…the tutorials are fantastic but if a pilot doesn’t know what he or she did wrong they may be spinning their wheels searching a tutorial. Some guidance at time of error could really benefit pilots and actually help them learn faster. If I ran my sales team by simply referring them to a tutorial every time they made an error we would make very little progress.

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Please refer to post #14 and #15 by me and @Grizpac in this thread @MacGyver, we addressed that. :)

not bad request it would also help me understand why i got violated or something like that

Would the command be audible immediately or would the pilot need to refer to the message later?

That’s a seperate feature request all in itself so I don’t want to confuse things. A few IFATC have teamed up to brainstorm on how that could be executed, you may see a combined feature request soon or in the future but this feature request was my idea of a first step. :)


Ok cool I like where this is going and thanks for all you folks do!

You’re welcome, we are very interested in helping pilots so I’m glad this solution is so well recieved. :)

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Yes, yes, yes.
I think that says it all.

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Nice vote, I’m voting for it, I think this could be really helpful for members who don’t know what they’ve done wrong, and want to know!

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Ummm, please?

This is what we need as Controllers. I couldn’t think of a reason not to have it.

Nice Trio!

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This is just something small: the use of ‘Warning’ seems like something we would use for a user acting in bad faith. I like to think that expert ATC controllers assume good faith before any action is taken, whether it be ghosting or sending a warning message to the pilot.

Intentions can be determined pretty quickly (bad callsigns, taxiing through aircraft, entering a runway without permission with an aircraft on final, etc.) receive a ghost immediately. Other offenses such as not following sequencing, taxiing to the wrong runway, etc. should not be treated in bad faith, because for all we know, this could be a simple pilot error. In this case, a simple ‘Follow Instructions’ or ‘Check Help Pages’ should be issued.

On that note, ‘Check Help Pages’ should not be there to scare a pilot, rather have them learn from their mistake. Putting ‘Warning’ in front of it makes it seem to me like the pilot did something malicious, while their intentions should most always be assumed as good. Everything else that I see looks great and I definitely approve!

How about “Attention: Check Help Pages”? It
has to draw their attention in a way so they don’t just immediately click continue.

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Yes! I was also thinking about “Notice: Check Help Pages”.

I think either of those are firm enough and will catch pilots’ attention.

Alright, I like it. I’ll change it. :)

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The second picture posted looks a bit clearer and cleaner as well.

Thanks for adding my suggestion!

Which picture are you referring to?

The newest “Notice: Check Help Pages” looks clearer compared to the original “Warning: Check Help Pages”.

Just something I noticed.

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