Notice: Check Help Pages

We as controllers want to help those who don’t know the rules of flight and/or know how to communicate with ATC correctly. When we send check help pages we want you to ask questions and PM us to find out what you did wrong.

I took from the new NOTAM feature UI that is already in Infinite Flight and thought of this idea. A notice message that would show up the next time you try to fly on any live server after you recieved a check help pages.

When you receive a check help pages on the expert server, it would be recorded and then the next time you try to fly, this message would pop with all the relevant information of who sent you the notice and where/when it took place.

This notice could also be used in conjunction with several other check help feature requests, notably this one.

great idea, hope to see it included.


Great idea, I hope that this motivates pilots to really look at the forum and not just send an ‘I’m sorry’.


What a great idea, but what if the user does not have IFC account or they don’t know where to find check help page. Think about that.


That’s what brings people to the community.


The entire point of this feature request is to point people in the direction of the IFC, so people will know where to look.


Oh, the picture is small, couldn’t see the word, oh yeah I see the link to IFC. Oop.


Good idea! Vote vote vote 🗳 🗳 🗳😛

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Right now, the only command we have to tell pilots they made a mistake is “Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instruction”. This is pretty vague.

Being able to not only tell people what they need to work on, but also where to go to learn, would make a huge difference not only in pilot skill but also controller accountability. This has my vote.


I don’t recall seeing that command on training server. If it doesn’t exist there it would be great to see it there as well in the spirit of helping people learn.

It was removed from the training server, please read this post for more information. :)

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Ok thanks. Too bad it was being abused.

Just removed one of my votes for this !

This is Really needed if we actually want to help people and work towards a more profesional expert server.

I think it would also help prevent frustration to some pilots that don’t understand why they are getting warnings.

To expand on this a little - and I know we’ve talked about it @Trio - From the controllers end a new sub-menu would be added to ‘Check Help Pages’ with a list of reasons why the person was sent the check help pages instruction.

Each frequency (Tower/Ground/Radar) would have separate reasons for Check Help Pages…because obviously you wouldn’t send a Check Help about exiting the runway from a radar frequency.

The list of reasons shouldn’t be incredibly long (I think 20 is a good number, per frequency) and would still include the generic “Check Help” message that exists today in case the frequency is absolutely swamped (think FNF).

I believe the list of reasons should be developed by active IFATC…as they know best through experience as to why we are sending the Check Help. The list should also be ordered from most popular reasons to least popular based on feedback, with the generic option at the bottom.

Good job, Trio, putting this together. This has my vote and support.

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If something like what @Grizpac said was to be implemented as we discussed before then something like this could be used as the warning for a more specific warning triggered by a specific command.

This warning message would be written by the staff as a default message that coincides with the command the controller gave.



I really like this idea voted 👍🏻

I learned new thing from that photo, 😂.

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See! There we go, proof. :)


I will continue to beat this drum, I feel that those who continue to say that the Training Server should not have these commands are the ones not controlling on TS regular and feel that TS controllers are not expert enough to use them.

The Training Server really needs a command to let a pilot know that they are not following the ATC instruction, the Check Help Pages is not necessary and sounds a little bit arrogant.