Notes about update

I have done a great flight after updating the simulator… Everything was fine except:
1- Fluctuating thrust (going suddenly all the way up and down)…
2- In replays, I couldn’t see ground equipments…
Is there a solution for this?

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This could be because of sudden changes in the wind speed. What were the winds like?

Is your your 3D object count set to “high” in the settings?

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Wind changes during cruise observed, each wind change leads to a fluctuating thrust…
Regarding your second question; yes! Everything set to HIGH

When you say this, is it shadows of the ground equipment?

If so, sometimes this happens when you finish a longer flight and you go straight into replays, if you want the ground equipment, restart Infinite Flight and they should show up

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Yes that exactly what happened… I ended a short flight then directly went to replays to check my performance… And yes it was a shadow of equipments…

As I expected, I do not believe there is a permanent solution (as of now), so the best thing you can do is, before going into replays, restart Infinite Flight

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