Note 8 or S9(or Others)

Hey guys. So I have had many polls for if I should upgrade, but this time there is a real reason. So I have a older sister with anger issues that throws anything in her path, and my S8+ was a victim of that. It is broken and cannot read any sim card from AT&T or Verizon. So I was wondering should I get the S9 or Note 8? And what color should I get?

  • S9, Get the newest soon to be year old flagship
  • Note 8, Get a S-Pen, but the phone turns two
  • S7 Edge, Big battery but old.
  • Another S8+ Maybe round two for the S8?

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Oops I voted on accident disregard my vote.

Why not consider an IOS. The IPad 2017 and 2018 models are one of the best the play Infinite Flight in my opinion.

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Keep in mind that was probably also his phone to call people with and etc


Heya, are you asking what device is better for IF?

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I actually used to have a iPhone, but my iCloud was shared among my family and was a big mess. I could consider a iPad though.

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Yes and no. I mean I would like IF to run smooth, but alsoI don’t have any place to ask because I do not have a Facebook or Reddit.

If you can get the S9+, get it. If you are limited to the devices you mentioned above, I would recommend the Note 8. It might be almost 2 years old, but its performance is still very good and there are users who use it for IF without any problems. Combined with the big display, it is an awesome device to play IF on.

The biggest upgrade from the Note 8 to the S9 is the camera, mainly improvements for low-light shots. That’s not a big difference if you ask me. :)

The S10 is expected to be announced next month. Maybe you can consider this one too.


If money isn’t an issue, then I’d suggest to hold off for another month. On February 20th, Samsung will be unveiling their newest Flagship Devices. The Samsung Galaxy line up of their 10th Anniversary Flagship, the Galaxy S10 is about to make entry. So if you want to, waiting till their release and then compare them all, the newer ones and the older generations to see what works for you in terms, performance needed, personal experience, personal need, color options, price tag and other factors :)

But if you’re held back by price then, @Starley has covered your answers perfectly above ☝


Let’s keep this IF related. Thank you.