NOTAMs Not Showing

Recently I have noticed that there are no NOTAMs in Infinite Flight, what used to be a restriction outlined with sizable red circles is now no more.

For example, I spawned in at Lukla in the expert server with a 789. I’m probally getting ready to takoff here soon who knows.

Were all NOTAMs removed then?


I can’t speak to the NOTAMs, perhaps they hit their expiration date, but you know taking off from there in a 787 is no bueno, so why are you going to proceed anyway? The NOTAMs were there so no one could use the excuse that they didn’t know via common sense that the plane is too large for operating there when they were ghosted. But you do know. And are going to do it anyway. I wouldn’t advertise that.

@Tim_B he’s not in solo. You can see it says expert server in the top coner

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Yes I have already edited my post, but thanks

The NOTAMs at KASE and VNLK were taken down a month or so ago.

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Is there a reason as to why, @Trio? It’s still showing under the airport name when you click on the airport from the map an airplane restriction, they are however missing the actual “notice” part of that.

No airports currently have any enforcable restrictions on my end.

Happy to report that we made it on takoff.

Hi @Tim_B, did you fall through the ground? I backed up for ya.

I have no idea personally, Infinite Flight staff members add and remove the TFRs and NOTAMs.

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You were lucky to have crashed. Please don’t do that again. That plane is too large for a 1700-foot runway, and you can clearly see that.

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I didn’t crash. When I was taking a screenshot it banked right, but no crash, I exited out after a few. But I won’t be doing that again. Just making a point. ☺

Merely flipped over because you couldn’t reach a climbout speed after blocking the entrance to the runway for a while. Prove the point by showing they aren’t there, not by actually violating a standard you know exists (and the lowest level of common sense).

I see your point, but mine is: No standard exist unless it is enforcable by penalties. If somebody wanted to troll at Lukla, or multiple people did, they could, there is no standard.

My post was to determine if this standard was removed or not. I was told it was. Therefore no standard exist.

I dont go around trolling airports I promise that is not myintention, I just wanted to know the facts.

The NOTAM was removed. The “don’t take off in a 789 on a 1700-foot runway” standard applies everywhere.

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@Patria i suggest you do that on the training or better yet Casual server.

Some people like @Tim_B and a bunch of us other pilots might not be to fond of that 😉.

On that note I’m not sure why they were removed.

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As I said before and this will be the last time I say it, standards dont exist without penalties to enforce them.

I mean but if you Really want to report someone than take a screenshot and share it with one of the MOD’s or anyone with that sort of power in IF.

@KIND9624, just to be clear, I dont ever do this as a serious thing, there were no pilots in the area and I just wanted to show everybody what I meant. That’s all. Not trying to cause issues for you guys at all.

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No it’s fine I didn’t mean it as an attack towards you. I understand the point you’re trying to make.

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