NOTAMs far far away?

Hey guys,
I was minding my own business and began filing a flight plan in SoCal when tomred rings caught my eyes. I tapped on them and it turns out they are aircraft restriction notams. Is this part of Global or just a region enforcer? Attached are the beautiful pictures I took of them.
Happy takeoffs and 250kt landings!


No they are TFRs in the Denver region.
250 knot takeoffs & landings no thanks, we come to learn here not troll.


They are for Aspen (KASE) in the Denver region saying that aircraft larger than 757s and A321s are not permitted.

Don’t forget the second ring (the one on top) is for KEGE


Oh yeah, thanks for pointing that out. 🙂

It’s been like this for quite a while and has nothing to do with global flight. In addition, you can also see planes flying in other regions on the map. Remember, it’s 1 server but many regions.

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Chill it’s a joke. I have been a PREPAR3D pilot for 6 years

I see thanks for your help!

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Haha thank YOU for commenting

Yup I see! Thanks for your help!