NOTAM violation

This person violated the NOTAM at VNLK (Only prop aircraft allowed). Is there a way to report him.

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No, unless a member of the IFATC team is controlling there. The other solution would be having a mod present at the time.


No, the report button is nonfunctional.

Interesting. If this is on Expert Server, you do not automatically get reported/violation?

It is functional but not to us it isn’t. :)

That makes it… nonfunctional.

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Not really… pretty sure it’s functional for mods.

Its what I tried to point out a minuet ago :)

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Certain people have it.

No reason to go back and forth.

With regard to the OP, we do not retroactively report, generally, unless the violation is beyond-the-pale.


He also didn’t follow UNICOM standards and took off while I was still on roll out, thus went right through me on the runway.

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Yes, I see that, and had I, or another mod or supervisor been there, he would have been reported.

But we do not retroactively do so.


Reporting you for autopilot on takeoff in a cirrus LOL


LOL, I had put it on autopilot to do the screen shot

I figured haha. Whatever it takes to get the shot

Check that NOTAM that thing be there as just a thing like dont snich

Do we need to add “you can’t do patternwork here” to the NOTAM? Honestly, guys. Not sure how you miss the giant mountain backstopping 24.


I saw an Air China 737 landing right in front of a TBM; trolling at its finest.

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