NOTAM: Users with Facebook Authentication [Update Login Issue Should be Resolved]


Please don’t sign out of Infinite Flight (Live Account), delete Infinite Flight or restart your device at the moment if you utilize Facebook for Infinite Flight authentication. There seems to be an issue with the authentication process at the moment.

We appreciate your patience as the developers look into this.

Update: Some users have reported the ability to log back in. Please restart your device and relaunch Infinite Flight to begin the authentication process.


Shall i keep flying then…? Since i shouldn’t sign out…

No, just don’t sign out of your live account.

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I won’t, Levet just PM’d me to say: Keep Flying :)

There seems to be something wrong with FaceBook but i feel like infinite flight or FaceBook will fix this problem in no time. 👍

Yes, that is the point of this thread.


At this time google is good correct?

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Correct. I was able to log out and back in with google authentication.

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Thanks! Much appreciated!

Currently I’m running my account on google because I’m not aloud social media yet so this is good for me. Hehehehe

Well that’s good. I’m not planing to log out anytime soon Because I’ve got a global subscription.

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Did FDS update their privacy requests for Facebook application/authentication?

Even though FDS and Facebook operate in the U.S they need to be GDPR compliant.

I got an email from Facebook a while ago to make sure my Facebook app[for authentication purposes] is updated to work with Facebook’s new data policies to comply with GDPR

Your devs hard at work fixing the issue from the expo.

Many bothans died to bring us this information.


Sure is nice having a dedicated group of developers, staff and moderators!

This makes me very proud and reaffirms why we are all a big happy AvGeek family!