[NOTAM] Server changes


Thank you for your continuing excellence in IF!!


Thanks for the NOTAM. Hopefully you guys don’t have any errors during the process (I’ve had that happen before).


Thank you for notifying us. I’m currently in the air right now so hoping nothing goes wrong but thank you FDS for all the work you all put in.


If you are flying, you are still using the older CDN, so you should see no impact.


I’m about to do my next flight. Can I still fly?


Roger that. I am not having any loading issues though.


for the final time i just landed on the old servers at KMCO gonna test out the new one now


If you have restarted the app and it’s working now, then it’s all good :)


For me it is all fine!


Thank you for letting us know on this. :-)


Thanks for the hard work @Laura, you’re amazing!


Beautiful news!!! Thanks Laura!;;


Is this update complete? Or are you still working on this? Just curious…


@CR3W it’s all done :)


Thanks for the info.


Great! I’m happy to hear that!


Thanks Laura. Can’t wait for the CRJ!


When I use my wifi on iPad it can’t load and says connection to live server failed


I’ve noticed that. Thanks Laura


Server is back. If you have issues please submit it in #support with all appropriate information.