[NOTAM] Server changes


Fellow Pilots,

We are in the process of updating the servers that deliver satellite imagery, elevation and aviation data.

While we are not expecting any significant performance impact, some users may encounter temporary issues
(slow loading of the flight or imagery) while the Content Delivery Network propagates data on all the endpoints.

If this keeps happening, we recommend closing the app and trying again later.

Thanks for your patience and Happy Landings!

I need suggestions


Thanks for telling us. And a lil excited


Thanks for letting us know, hope it goes well!


Thanks for informing us!


Thank you for telling us, great work as always! :)


Thanks for telling us and thanks for all of your hard work!


This is fantastic! Thanks FDS :D


Glad to be informed about this, Thank You :)


Laura/Philippe, Is it just scenery in general or will it be new unexplored locations (South America, North Pole, Africa, etc)?


Very excited to see what happens! Thanks FDS!


This is just a routine server maintenance. No new content is available at this point.


No new satellite imagery, this is just a routine server maintenance.


THANKS! so excited!!!


Awesome glad and looking forward to it! ;)


When will this “maintenance” be finished?


Nothing to be excited about guys, just server maintenance, nothing else.


In real life, do you get this excited when you see a janitor? I’m guessing not. But seriously, I’m happy that FDS is improving the game one step at a time.


Thanks for telling us!


Will there be a server restart? Is it safe to do a flight around half an hour from now?