NOTAM: Server Access

no like on the account

not true as u could have a 1violation to a :2landing ratio although highly unlikely and by then u most likely have gotten over 5 ghost per year

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Yes on the account but for the server it resets every year

I love this change. Should make the training server more enjoyable. 👍


i did not know violations reset every year

Expert server has not changed (that I know of) from the last round of requirement changes. To access expert you need to be a grade 3 and meet the criteria below.

The training server should have been grade 2 all along but there was an error that caused others to join. This change also helps those who are on the training server in an attempt to learn and improve their flying. A simple search of the forum will result in a number of various threads complaining about pilots on the TS1 server. Yes there are no violations on the casual server but now there are incentives to improving your skills.

If you are a new pilot you start out on casual and build up the time and landing requirements to access the training server with other pilots who take flying seriously. If you get violations you go back to casual and perfom more landings and learn from mistakes to get better. If you are one of those pilots where your goal is to fly as fast and low as you can while interfering with others, these violations will quickly build up and prevent you from accessing the training server.

In my opinion this is good for the growth of the community and will hopefully address some of the frustrations for both pilots and ATC who use the training server as a stepping ground to make it to expert. I hope you can see the big picture aspect of the change.

Be sure to reference your grade/stats table on a regular basis and pay attention while flying.

Happy violation free landings!


i agree alot with that

For them to put up regulation like this it has got to be per year

@Chris_S good explanation right there m8 👍

I love this! Thank you FDS! This is a huge step in making TS1 great again.

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Not anymore apparently. Tyler just edited it. 250 MAX

Dear community,

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@Chris_S we got ya buddy 👍

I restart IF but it still says Grade 1 for Training Server.

imagesame it does to me. here is the screenshot

This might change on the update i guess… its what the staff or mods say.

Some devices cache things differently. You can try rebooting or just waiting for it to refresh on its own.


We’ll get it updated as soon as we can as well. :)


Wilco @Tyler_Shelton

It reflects Grade 2 on our end in the description. As Chris said it may just take a little…