NOTAM: Server Access

where may I find my violations, I love this sim. I am one of the ones that got knocked down to level 1. not a troll and abide by the rules as much as I can. I’m sure my violations are speed related. below 10 000. Any insights would be help full. Thank you

Currently you can only see current violations in your grade table (press on your name in the corner, then the (i) icon next to your grade).

This is amazing! Thank you

Wait, so if you have more than 250 violations you can’t fly on TS1 at all?


If you don’t meet the requirements, there’s your problem.

I think it’s only for the last year.


ok so cool I had a max violation of 8 in a day so how long will it be before I can level up. all speeding I’m sure
thanks again

Violations on your grade table should expire within 7 days.

This is the normal grade requirements. Grade 2 only allows for a max of 5 violations in the past 24 hours. 25 max for 7 days.

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Are you sure about this? @Aquila seems to think otherwise so at this point I don’t know who to believe…

It was originally stated as within the last 12 months and total. 250 violations accrued over 12 months is the same thing as 250 violations accrued total. They both result in permaban from TS1. The NOTAM was amended to only say total. I’m just going off of what the NOTAM says and repeated answers pointing to the same thing by various moderators and Tyler himself.

Emphasis on this one.

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Imagine if there was as much concern about making sure we fly the plane properly as there appears to be about whether or not we meet certain (and IMO pretty loose) requirements for access to particular servers…


It’s a nice change, and appreciate that TS will be a bit more restricted, although I think we should have something in between TS and casual, because casual doesn’t enforce rules and violations. So another server from grade 1 that does, for them too learn.

Thank you everyone for your input. After monitoring the effects, the 250 max logic has been removed. I took a stab and combined the grade table with the server requirements and created the following.



Hmm… 250 max was removed. How lovely… At least there are requirements to be for training.

It was fun while it lasted. :(

Based on what we’ve seen, the ratio will take care of the major trolls.


The max had no effect. The ratio does the job so we do want to leave the opportunity for those who wish to improve. 🙂