NOTAM: Server Access

We have discovered an issue with the Training Server’s grade requirement which has now been resolved.

The grade required for entry was incorrectly reflected and the server has now been updated to the following:

Causal Server: Grade 1
Training Server: Grade 2 (previously Grade 1)
Expert Server: Grade 3

Users cannot have more violations than landings. It’s a 1:1 ratio.

Many did experience an issue with access following the server update. This has also been resolved. Please fully close and relaunch Infinite Flight.

We do apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding!


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It’s nice how everything follows in a numerical order from 1 to 3


YES! Something to keep those pesky Grade 1’s from trolling. At least Grade 2’s know some rules! Excellent change


Thanks for all your hard work team!


So…if Grade 1s are restricted to Casual Server, wouldn’t that mean that they will get no violations?

From my understanding, violations do not exist on the Casual Server.


Good change, this will keep things separated nicely.


So thankful for this, now you can practice controlling on TS and not be as worried about a troll.


Glad to see this positive change this would is great


Is there now a limit on how many violations you can have on the Training Server?

(Like on the Expert Server)


Is that for all servers or a specific server?

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Training server, expert stays as it is


So people who aren’t grade 2 can’t access training server


Yes that is what the first post says.

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There is a requirement change as the thread says

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Will greatly improve ts1 atc experience (hopefully :)

thanks for explaining it to other :) @Tyler_Shelton

I think it is the right step in the right direction.

Aww jeez, I do not wanna be on the Casual Server lol

New grade requirement is grade 2 The new violation requirement Laura has added is no more than 250 violations in a 12 month period and total.

Additionally, user cannot have more violations than landings. It’s a 1:1.

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