NOTAM: subbdomains is down

Since some time ago (presumably after) 17:00 UTC, the domain name went down.

Subdomains of are unreachable

With itself being unreachable, all free subdomains of are unreachable as well. There is sadly no workaround for this.

If you do need your website to be reachable urgently, you can of course create an additional subdomain for your hosting using another domain name. You can do so through the Subdomains section in your control panel.

Effects on custom domains

While custom domains (like ) are not part of, custom domain name owners may still experience difficulty in one of the following ways.

Why did the issue apear?

The subbdomain was taken down by the .gd registery.

I belive this should be fixed if you make a new subbdomain from the Control panel -> subbdomains -> create subbdomain and then use a diffrent one.

UPDATE: As of August 12th 16:00 UTC, the domain name was restored by the registry! The domain name is active once again, and all sites should be coming back online soon.

Please note that due to DNS caching, it can still take up to 48 hours for every website to be visible again for everyone.


What does this mean? If I change mine to .epizy will it work?

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We’ve been hit by this, thanks for posting.


That’s what I belive, it’s more options to use

Are there any efficient ways of switching to a subdomain?

That’s dependent on the service you’re using.

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I’m depending on InfinityFree, Google searches aren’t doing me justice.


If anyone wants to upgrade to a paid domain, I suggest a .xyz domain from Namecheap, I got mine for under a dollar.

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Would also recommend Namecheap. I see no reason why you’d use a free domain name unless it’s for a specific type of temporary project.


Yes, here:

After that, you can copy over the files

How do you do so, though?

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Then paste it over, with Ctrl+V

I’ve done that before

To where though?

To the new subbdomain

When you make a sub domain with Infinityfree, they make a separate folder. You can either try Copy+Pasting it like he says, or you can download the files and reupload them to the new one.

However, if your moving phpVMS, please note you will have to change some info in one of the files or it won’t work properly:)

Do you think it will resolve on its own? Or no?

What do you mean by that? I’m scared I’ll mess things up. Say, what’s the safest way to do so?

Was just dealing with some Pireps when this crashed 😠
hopefully things aren’t too bad

Hey guys my domain is working for the crew center. Give it a shot

Hopefully it gets resolved by the morning. Me & my wig don’t have time to be fixing things at 1:30am