Notam on UUEE

Hi all,

Tower controller issued a “check airport restrictions. Notam will be enforced by ghosting” on UUEE but I cannot find any TFR/Notam about this airport.
Some advise ?

Was this on the Expert Server?

Was this on TS or Expert? Sounds like something a controller on TS would say…


At this current time UEEE is being controlled by @Jan_Sd. If this happened just a few minutes ago, I advise sending him a PM regarding this matter.


I was controller at That time . Yes i sent it by mistake. not once , 2 times. disregard this messege .I apologize to all those who fly today in the UUEE during my session. I have changed my device, and the new device does not work the way it will. Frozen when i communicate with aircraft or send atc instruction. so there were many who got the wrong atc command. I’m sorry for bad service. and Hope to provide best service next time.
Thank you


Thanks a lot ! I got scared but I was quite sure my airplane could be there so I continued my taxi.


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