NOTAM - Loading Issues

NOTAM - 8:29am EST (Update #5) - App Loading Issue Stabilizing

Happy to report that flights seem to be loading for the vast majority of our users. As more people join, the servers should acquire more content but the same advice about starting at active airport still stands if you are still having issues.

NOTAM - 12:45am EST (Update #4) - App Loading Issue

We’ve got more instances ready and the CDN is getting primed with all the flying that’s been happening. We’re getting reports that loading times have significantly decreased, especially in very active airports (LAX, NY, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Tokyo…)

We’re going to spin more instances overnight and work all day tomorrow again to improve performance.

Again, thanks again for your patience and continued support while we work this out, it’s been a long day :)

Laura, Philippe and the team!

NOTAM - 18:30 EST (Update #3) - App Loading Issue

We need still more CPU and bandwidth. We’re now spinning more powerful machines to handle the load. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Rest assured that we are hard at work, non stop since the release to try to respond to a demand we had not anticipated.
Greats flights are coming, we have solved many technical problems to get here, this is just another one to solve ;-)

Laura, Philippe and the team!

NOTAM - 14:00 EST (Update #2) - App Loading Issue

We are still in the process of increasing capacity, we appreciate your patience while we work out this issue.

Multiple subscription issues have been fixed. If you are experiencing anything with subscriptions, just restart the app, and if the app says you have no subscription, use the “I already have a subscription” link at the bottom of the payment page.

Previous Notam:
Due to the overloading of some of our servers, flights may take a long time to start.

We’re working on it and situation is expected to gradually increase during the day.

We apologize for the inconvenience,
Infinite Flight Team


Thank God! I thought it was this crappy school wifi


Ok THANKYOU for the update Laura! Love you!


Been waiting for five minutes, will it eventually load or should I just give up and wait?


Keep it going Laura! I’ll wait a tiny bit longer.

I can’t start my flight, yet


Alright… I’ve seen lots of people complaining

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Does this mean that it will get better, or that it will get harder and harder to log in?


@RTG113 As many have already said, the situation will get better throughout the day. They have increased the amount of servers but it will take a few hours for them to come online, according to another post.

I flew from EHAM to EDDT, but there is no runway and no taxiways at EDDT. Maybe this is the same issue Laura?

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LOL im having the same problem with school wifi

@Laura when do you think there will be enough server and this will be fixed

Thanks for telling us. Laura. I will play at 8pm. So it shouldn’t be loading too long

Let‘s give my Wife some Attention instead of looking at a Loading Screen for Hours then 😜🙈😂


Just to let us know Laura, when can we expect it back running?

Phillippe Said a few Hours, just quit IF and try it again in 2-3hrs


Have a look at this.


Does the server issue also apply to solo? Because Solo isn’t loading, I can hear the aircraft engines, but it still shows the loading screen. Can’t wait to fly with the update!!


yeah it also effects solo

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