NOTAM: Google Login Issue


Unfortunately, Google has changed their authentication method and it is not an easy problem to fix. If you have logged out you can expect this error message:

As we work towards a fix for this issue, please do not sign out of your Live account. In the event that you do, simply create a new Live account using Facebook to login. Once you have done this, please send @Mark_Denton or @Tyler_Shelton the following via a private message:

  • Infinite Flight username and callsign tied to Google Account
  • Infinite Flight username and callsign tied to new Facebook Account

By providing the above information we can merge your Google account to your new Facebook account so that you will not lose any of the stats and logged time that you have worked hard to achieve.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

FDS Support Staff


Once the issue is fixed, can we switch back to Google?


We can if it is absolutely necessary but not ideal.


Thanks for this update, what can one do if I dont have a Facebook, and aren’t really looking to sign up for one. Should I even try to login?


I’m a little confused, do I have to make a Facebook account for next time I renew my subscription?

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I think so. As Facebook is the only alternative until this issue gets fixed. But they will merge your account datas after you connected it with your Facebook Account


MaxSuggests: Members, Cut and paste this NOTAM off Line. If IF crashes you’ll need it for future reference. Also suggest you log hours an XP off line periodically until this problem is worked out. ( I had occasion to loss all Hours and XP when IF programming switched to Live, no recourse was offered at the time.)

@Mark_Denton. Redundancy; Is there an alternate means of communication beside a PM, an EMail address will suffice.


What do I do if I forgot my call sign tied to my google account?

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This just happened to me don’t have my planes, regions and multiplayer this sucks :/

You’ve got to pray Google fixes the bug quick, lol.


I don’t think it’s a bug. It’s a new feature that they’ve added so I’m guessing Developers have to change up a few things.


The back story behind this is that they made a change, notified developers on their blog, and only started sending warning to users (not devs) a couple of weeks before the problem was going to happen. Then once it was too late, they finally notified us. In the meantime, we were working with the 2 third party companies using the system we’re working with, and one of them will not update anything, the second will, but since the 1st relies on an older version of the second, we’re kind of toast…

We had worked on making this all work on the global branch in hopes that Google was going to maintain access for a bit longer, but they didn’t… so we’re now going to have to port the login changes to our main release, which is a pain and unfortunately my responsibility :)

So sorry, MD-11 is on hold to work on boring oAuth stuff :)


This happened to me 2 days ago. I turned off my WiFi and accessed it via my cellular signal instead and that worked around the problem. I don’t know what that means, but maybe you can use that information to figure out a work around or solution.

Also, why doesn’t FDS have a native authentication option, instead of using a third party such as Facebook or Google? I’m asking because I don’t know and would like to understand. With the problem we had signing in with Facebook a few weeks ago and now this problem with Google, it seems that this third party authentication is troublesome at best and down right broken at worst, so it makes me curious.

Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!


So does this mean if my live expires on the 1st I can’t renew my subscription 🤔


And this is why the devs cannot put a date on global (and other updates) 😉

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I am not able to send you a pm neither can I find a support form. Could you contact me or tell me a way how to get in touch with you?
Thanks in advance.

I believe you can, after you merged your accounts with Facebook’s one 😉✌

If you haven’t logged out yet, Then it’s okay

@Diyal24 You can use your Facebook Account, then PM Tyler or Mark regarding your callsign used on your Google Account to merge both accounts. So you can still use it as long as you haven’t logged out yet


So I don’t have to create a Facebook one if I am not logged out and I can purchase a new one…

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My account was logged out automatically and I have messaged them hopefully they can do something to recover my account and all the data till then I am left with A321 and 747 and no live

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