Notam for lisbon

I wanna request a Notam for lisbon Airport
Since runway 17/35 is closed since years
It’s now used as a taxiway!

There is the same with gatwick

Should be an easy task for the developers to complete. You have my vote.

You’ve created several topics regarding this, and all of the requests regarding a Lisbon TFR have been denied because of reasons that IFAET editors, supervisors, and managers have provided for you.

See response below:


This is official information, it is written that for the time being it is temporary, but in the future a new terminal will be built (it is just not known when, our government is waiting for it to be done alone), for now we will have to wait for new developments.


New information about the closure of Runway 17/35, there is no longer NOTAM saying it was a temporary conversion to taxiway, it is now an official taxiway now and there is a new rapid exit on Runway 21 that opened a few days ago (taxiway H1) but this is done with just a rework of the LPPT, now it makes sense to put a NOTAM in IF in LPPT that Runway 17/35 is closed.


Nobody of team saw my post to maybe put an NOTAM…


Yes sure they have to see this for future update to lisbon airport

I don’t even remember this runway being open xd


You not the only one :)

Bumping this topic…sorry but we need this, it’s already taking too long…


Ahahha we trying :)

We didn’t find ANY vid in Youtube using that runway… omg, wondered when was the last time it was used…

J Barroso

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Runway 17/35 was used several times, being very useful in many situations especially in summer when there was north wind, even the A340 operated on it :)

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Apparently nobody cares about this problem in Lisbon, when Lisbon is chosen in the ATC Schedule many people will use a closed runway that was closed years ago :(

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Since they have made airport editing internal while the new system is being tested for developing the airports in house, we can’t change it for now. Once the system is released more publicly I’m sure people will make an effort to update it as soon as possible. Trust me, if anybody doesn’t like having outdated airports it me. I’ll make note of it.

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Thanks for your reply i appreciate it, I didn’t know that changes weren’t being made due to a new system :)

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