Notam for HABB

Hello everyone. Just to inform you HAAB (Bole) should have NOTAMS similar to EGKK (London Gatwick ) where one runway is being used as a taxiways Runway 7L-25R at HABB is closed and is used as a taxiway. I’m not sure why infiniteflight developers have not yet issued this NOTAM. Also NZAA only has one Runway 5-23 and the other one is was paved and uses as a taxiway. Just some useful info you should know.

Backtaxi via 7L-25R as a taxiway

They have, actually, just only on Expert server.

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Oh that’s cool. I usually see a big red circle around the Airport. I don’t see it at HABB


On the ES at NOTAM is already in place! May need to reload or whatnot to see. Enjoy!



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Oh cool! It’s not loading for me

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