NOTAM: Flying on advanced server

We controllers really work hard to give u the best possible service. I was doing 2.5 hours Kuala Lumpur and Singapore approach today and I encountered some serious issues.

  1. Please don’t be stringent with your flight plan,because it doesn’t apply during heavy traffic and in the presence of an approach controller.
  2. Being well aware of the fact that some are overspeeding, it is your responsibility to slow down and help the approach controller to sequence u carefully in. Regarding others who overspeed, please don’t do that. IF regions aren’t that vast that u can fly 800+ GS for a 170 nm flight. Help the controllers instead of giving them pain. Besides,not all of us are real life controllers. Give us a moment to design your approach. Be patient,the frequency maybe busy. If ur overspeeding despite having being told to reduce speed,that means ur defying the controller,implying u maybe ghosted to maintain an organised airspace.
  3. If you are vectored out of the airspace or in the opp direction of your destination,then don’t think that the controller is a fool. Think he is doing it for sequencing and to make space,or because ur too high and hence u should expedite your descent.
  4. Most of them do follow instructions but it takes 35/40 mins for the mess to clear up. We do our best. So instead of bombarding us with the same message please help us with reducing speed in a busy airspace and maintain space and visual with your nearest aircraft.
  5. While approaching your destination,when the approach controller asks intentions, don’t be silent and keep following your flight plan. We wait for your ILS request and then send an instruction. So be quick on requesting. Also be patient to get a reply.
  6. Please see the traffic conditions in your destination airport. If it’s busy,use speed control. Reduce your cruise speed to allow smoother operations rather than overspeeding,coming near the airport,at 25 mile vicinity 12000ft 841 GS and don’t change to tower when u don’t like the approach controller instructions.

Sequencing is an art, I may not be an expert like excellent other approach controllers in the community,but I have tried my best today and I will keep doing it. Thanks to those who did bear with me, and followed my instructions. WMKK approach earlier and WSSS approach now closed. Also thanks to my team controllers who excellently did all they could. Kudos. Snaps: good times-


Well said. Definitely needed to be announced ;)

You were a legend again today Jeebak, thanks for the service. Kinda cool I can see myself in that screenshot - thanks for sharing!

UFO640 here, shown in sequence on your first pic.

Nice job! Thanks for your services!

The traffic… 😍 I was really wrong about the low traffic at SG & KL Region… Hope to be an Advanced ATC soon!

Couldn’t agree more with you @JeebakR. Overspeeding is a serious issue on Advanced lately.

Send them back to PG for refresher? XD

thank you for your amazing service!

That sequenced approach looks impressive! Every aircraft more or less equidistant to each other.

I started with my app shift:( Okay I said just try but every time I want that people make holding pattern they say unable or just do take that heading if I sent descent to 8000 ft descent then to 8000 ft and don’t descent to 10010 ft because then you can fly Faster descent and listen to the controller!
And Yes in this case I ofcourse make faults


I’d echo all of @JeebakR 's comments, particularly the part about overspeeding. If you were going at 600+ kts at 11,000 ft there’d be all sorts of alarms going off in the cockpit and the aircraft would probably break up, so it’s stupidly unrealistic to be flying like this in IF. That’s not to mention the problems it creates for approach controllers trying to fit you in with traffic flying sensibly at normal speeds.

There should certainly be violations for flying too fast (we have them for going too fast on the ground, why not in the air ?) Either that or the plane simply ‘crashes’ if you overspeed, and your flight is abruptly ended in the same way as if you’d flown into a mountain !


Exactly. Overspeed violations for certain aircraft

A320: M0.76
A330/340: M0.82
B777: M0.84

@DS2001 That’s the sad truth :(


Agreed it’s far more enjoyable and exciting for me personaly anyway to be part of the team becouse it is a team for most people .then you get the "ahhhh I’ll race him/ her in or “I’ll get passed him” I enjoy the experiance I’m in no hurry if you have seen me in the sim I like to approach from bout 60 kn,m at 170 or less,I’ll just open the window and wave you past .its about safety realism and enjoying the sim so all you hot heads take a chill pill and relax man live to fly another day …happy flying,and safe soft landings guys .👮✈️👍 And while I’m thinking bout it is there any female pilots on IF?

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