NOTAM - Final waypoint should be the Airport

If you are flying to any airport, irrespective of the server. Please make the destination airport as the final waypoint in your Flight Plan.

As we all know, a recent feature was introduced showing arrivals to a specific airport. For this to happen, your final waypoint must be the airport. Most of you guys do these, but a few don’t.

Controllers have a “status” which shows us who and where, how fast every single inbound is coming, we use this to plan many stuff, including runway and others.

Pictorial Representation
It leads to the VOR.

This one leads directly to the airport, this is what we all want :)

Any questions, ask at will.


I have 1. If I was to land at Seattle I would usually have my last waypoint R0227(for example) mainly because there are times when I have to log off before reaching the terminal.

Would setting KSEA as my last waypoint be affected in any way if I left the game before reaching parking?

No, it doesn’t affect in any way :D IF doesn’t penalise you for not completing your flight Plan

okay, thank you.

You should also add that the airport as final waypoint lets you choose the runway.