NOTAM: Expert Server

As most of us have already heard, the new update is out! And you likely want to test out the new planes, right?
Us IFATC have been experiencing a pretty decent increase of planes, mainly the new/updated ones, at controlled airports on the Expert Server. A few of us have been running into some problems controlling, app feeezing up, commands not going out, etc. And with that, the traffic at the airports has been increasing.

We ask that if you come out to an Expert Server controlled airport today and over the next few days, expect delays. And if you notice the frequency is very busy, and your message isn’t that important, just wait a few minutes. The world isn’t gonna end if you have to wait for the plane behind you to taxi before you can pushback.

No, we aren’t discouraging you from flying. We welcome traffic! But, the point of this is to just say that if you plan on coming to an ATC controlled airport on Expert Server, expect possible delays. Have patience, we know you are here, but we may not be able to approve your request the minute you request it.

Thank you!


Thanks for the heads-up.

This should be a command for everyday, to also accommodate new and less experienced controllers.

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Apologies to all pilots that were experiencing delays today at JFK. As mentioned in the original post, us expert controllers have been experiencing lots of technical issues while controlling. In my case, aircraft didn’t receive any messages after a while. FDS is hard at work trying to find and squash these annoying bugs that keep us from controlling.

We greatly appreciate your patience and we ask that you bare with us during this difficult time. Thank you for your cooperation.


We have noticed that there are still some issues going on. Bear with us as we wait to get these fixed and get you to your destination ASAP!

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