Notam - eddm

I was kicked out of the server for getting a maneuver violation at EDDM because I fell out of the world…

the best thing to do is probably clear your cache if you fell out of the world.

Please go to and send us the replay so we can look over it. Was the violation made by a controller or a level 1 by the system?

@CaptainZac issued by system

Please contact @appeals with your replay and they can assist you. Clearing your cache will solve the issue of falling.


Thanks. I’ll take a look at what happened. Were you trying to do a flip or barrel roll?

No, the ground literally fell beneath me.

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Ok. I would do what Chris said above and contact appeals. Good luck mate :)

Thanks Zac. I just didnt want you to go through all the effort of looking at the replay only to have another group remove the violation. I was just trying to streamline the process.

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Watch the replay anyway if you want, it’s very fun to watch!