[NOTAM] Database issues

We are currently experiencing issues with one of our primary databases which could cause issues when trying to connect to your account.

We are working as hard as we can to get everything back as soon as humanly possible!
Updates will follow.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks for being on top of this!

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Take your time guys. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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Take your time👍

Just got in, thank you so much for all your speedy and hard work! :)


It worked to me now. Let’s see if it’s the case for other pilots ^^.

Thanks guys for the fast work !

Thank you on point as always

It’s back again. Let’s open YPPH


Thank you guys so much. I cant wait to do my long haul for today. Great job getting it fixed :)

It works now! Thank you!

As some of you have already mentioned, we’re getting some positive signals that things are starting to get back up.
Still monitoring the situation closely.


Woo woo!
I’m always impressed how when there’s a problem you guys are on top of these

It is still not working. It is countinually luogging me out, then it will say “account is already signed in

Can you try to restart your device and see if the situation improves?

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We’re seem to be good now!
Thanks for the patience everyone.

We’ll be investigating the root cause of this trying to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


All good on my side now Seb! Thanks!

Our highly active and knowledgeable support team is truly what makes Infinite Flight so great! You guys knew about the issue right as the first IFC reports were coming through and then less then an hour later later it is fixed! Cheers!


I can’t connect to the sever but have internet access (same internet connection I am using to visit IFC). My issue must be unrelated?

Most likely, yes.
Is it a specific server or towards your account?

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