[NOTAM] Changes to the UDP Broadcast Packet

I’ve made changes to the way the broadcaster works.

We now listen on all interfaces on the device, including IPv6 interfaces. Not sure if it actually does work on an ipv6 only stack since I haven’t tested yet.

So since the app now listens to multiple interfaces, the UDP broadcast packet contains a list of strings instead of just one address.

This is what the class looks like now:

public class APIServerInfo
    public string[] Addresses { get; set; }
    public int Port { get; set; }



Does that mean Liveflight connect should work with my device? My device only supports IPV6

It won’t without it being updated, but this opens the door to do so.

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Code for dummies.m - Does this mean that we can utilise LiveFlight on mac?

Doesn’t LiveFlight connect work on Mac? I’m pretty sure it does. If you mean liveflight standard, it uses a different API and is not a desktop app :)

What’s your provider? T-Mobile? Are you able to connect to Live?

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Yes T-Mobile, and I am able to connect to Live.

Thanks, we’ve got one user who can’t… it’s a mystery why…