Not Working

I have downloaded the full-version less than 24 hours ago. It doesn’t load properly it gives an error saying “Device memory too low” I have tried deleting all apps leaving Infinite Flight as the only app and also have tried clearing the memory cache. Can i get a refund for my purchase?

How much RAM do you have available?

What device are you using? What os?

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Hi there,

To better assist you can you please provide your device and operating system. Kind Regards, Chris


I am using an iPod touch. I have tried it a several times and it hangs every time. If you could refund the money I will download the same in my Android device.

I don’t think that device is supported. How did you even download the app?
As there isn’t exactly a solution as far as I’m aware, ask for a refund with apple - they are normally quite good with refunds I am led to believe.